Friday, June 29, 2012

Cadillac A/C Compressor

Cadillac A/C Compressor

Where do you turn when you need to find several Cadillac A/C compressors for various models of various ages? The many fleet managers with whom we work are glad they can turn to us. can provide the quality materials, online convenience and factory-direct prices that those who keep a fleet of cars in tip-top shape always need.
Besides all those perks, the beauty of is that we offer both new A/C compressors and remanfuctured units that mimic brand new Cadillac performance. That's where the savings start. The real payoff comes from the long lives of those carefully rebuilt units. Most of the parts in an auto A/C compressor are continually in motion, and we make sure that ours are tough enough to last your drivers for thousands upon thousands of miles.

Guaranteed Remanufactured Cadillac A/C Compressors

Our full 12-month warranty underscores our belief in our rebuilt compressors, allowing you to test and enjoy the cooling power of your refurbished A/C system during the year's hottest months. Fleets built on the Cadillac name demand all the amenities that drivers and passengers expect, and helps you to provide them for all the cars in your string.
Browse our extensive selection of compressors for dozens of models and years, including Cadillac Concours and Devilles, among others. Place your order for A/C parts for a variety of vehicles in a flash, and enjoy prompt and free UPS shipping within the U.S. Did we mention quality? Consider the Cadillac of A/C parts dealers.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buick A/C Compressor

Buick A/C Compressor

While A/C parts for late-model cars aren't always accessible, an older Pontiac or Buick A/C compressor can be even tougher to find. Welcome to, your parts detective and remanufacturer of fine compressor units for automobiles. We have a voluminous selection of in-stock rebuilds, suitable for a wide variety of model years. If we don't have it, let us sleuth around for you and save the day with a new compressor, condenser or accumulator for your ailing A/C system.
View our online parts catalog to check for your make and model year. You're likely to zero in on just the right compressor for your Buick Skylark or Park Avenue. We remanufacture parts for domestic and foreign cars and trucks to an exacting standard. First, we treat the old compressor unit to an invigorating aqueous pressure bath and shot blasting. Then, we replane any rough surfaces, replace components and seals, and test it all to strict performance criteria. The result is a like-new unit.

Stop Searching for that Hard-to-Find Buick A/C Compressor carries the compressor and all the parts you'll need to repair or replace your Buick A/C system. Parts are conveniently located on the same inventory page, or you can use our search engine to find:
  • New and remanufactured A/C compressors for all models
  • Accumulators for Buicks and other American cars and trucks
  • Condensers compatible with Audi and other import vehicles
  • Evaporators and expansion valves
  • Hose assemblies and more
For A/C compressors and parts large and small, fits the bill. Look no further: contact us if we don't stock the unit you need, and we'll track it down right away.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

BMW Air Conditioning Compressor

When a customer comes to your maintenance shop for replacement of a BMW air conditioning compressor, they don't expect you to have to do the job twice. That's why we give our remanufactured compressors the "once-over" so many times over. We make sure that the rebuilt compressor we sell won't sully the reputation you've worked so hard to build. We back all of our remanufactured products with a solid 12-month warranty in the firm belief that your customer won't need it.
We strenuously test our BMW air conditioning compressors for leaks and vibration, which are tiny signs that something big may go wrong down the road. We test the coil voltage and load resistance to our exacting standards, and if any compressor doesn't make the grade, we don't sell it. It's as simple as that. We even test our rebuilds for noise caused by surface imperfections, which could result in an ongoing annoyance or serious trouble later.

We Test BMW Air Conditioning Compressors for Perfect Scores

We've built our reputation painstakingly over 30 years in the air conditioning business. We won't ship anything from our factory that doesn't befit our industry fame. It's no accident that our BMW compressors perform as perfectly as if they were brand new. We work hard to achieve precise mechanics inside and a perfect finish outside.
View our remanufactured air conditioning compressors for virtually every model of BMW vehicle in our web catalog. There, you'll find any additional parts you might need to finish repairing your car's A/C system. You can trust our quality at

BMW A/C Compressors

A little savings on BMW A/C compressors from can quickly add up for your car maintenance shop. When customers have a choice between new and used replacement parts, they appreciate your integrity, and how you go the extra mile for them on price. When your customers save, you win. If you haven't heard about us already, find out what other mechanics already know. Our remanufactured A/C compressors for BMW vehicles are as good as new--just much less expensive.
What does "OEM finish" mean? To the untrained eye, it may simply mean a surface that is clean and free of the kind of debris that accumulates with daily driving. To us, it means perfection. We replane and reshape any compressor surface that doesn't match perfectly, because any aberration will only get worse with work and wear. Moving A/C parts are not forgiving, so we test them rigorously to be sure that your BMW or other vehicle won't end up back in the shop any time soon.

Direct Shipment and Savings on BMW A/C Compressors

Our testing pays off for your customers, which does great things for your reputation. BMW drivers may flock to your shop, wondering how you can do such quality A/C work at such low rates. You can let them know that we're the factory and the distributor, so our A/C compressors don't suffer from excessive middleman markups.
Even the shipping is free on regular orders. Plus, we'll be glad to express-ship your BMW compressor to you if a job is on the line. At, our reputation is always riding on yours. 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Freon Liquid Charge

What is a "Liquid Charge", and why is it dangerous?

A "Liquid Charge" is any charging of the A/C system using Freon which enters the A/C system in a liquid state as opposed to a gaseous or Vapor state. This is most commonly done by facing any freon caninsters valve opening towards the hose connection so that gravity is moving the liquid through the hose. If the valve opening is facing upward only gas can go through the hose. Simple case of gravity and liquid. 
Warning! Charge A/C System with Freon as Vapor, not Liquid!

If a charging hose is long enough you might get away with using liquid refrigerant because the liquid will partially change to a gas in the hose. The odds are not in your favor. More often you will freeze and shatter the compressors valves when the refrigerant hits the valves as a liquid. This happens in mere seconds, which is why we recommend charging the A/C system with the engine off. It is a sign of AC ignorance if a mechanic insists on charging a system with the vehicle running and the compressor turned on. A simple question to test a mechanics knowledge is "Do you charge the system with the car running?". If the answer is yes, RUN AWAY!!
Click here for more Auto AC Knowledge n Faq's.

Exact amount of Freon

Why do I need to use and exact amount of Freon?

Today's A/C systems use smaller amounts of Freon. No longer is it 2 to 4 lbs, but rather 18 to 38 oz. With tight compressor tolerances and lubricant mixed with the Freon, the mixture must be just right to enter the compressor as a mist. Wrong mixtures will either under lubricate or slug(too much oil and or Freon build up behind the expansion device orifice or in the compressor cylinder chamber) the compressor causing premature failures. You don't know how much liquid Freon is in a system so you should recover the old Freon, evacuate and add the correct charge. Always check the OEM oil and Freon spec at for the correct charge of Freon and oil.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Acura A/C Compressors

Acura A/C Compressor

We often hear from customers who say we've "saved a life" by supplying them with the right Acura A/C compressors. They probably just mean that we kept their vehicles moving and their schedules intact--but lifesaving isn't all that far from the truth. A working auto A/C compressor can indeed make a critical difference to the elderly, people with asthma, or other drivers suffering from frail health. During a heat wave, Acura drivers and others depend on to keep their automotive air conditioning functioning.
We also save the day when other distributors' prices put new compressors out of customers' reach. Besides stocking a full line of auto A/C components, we are a factory shop that remanufactures Acura and other A/C compressor units to the highest performance standards. You'll forget all about an air conditioner that clogs, won't blow, or simply won't get cold when you install one of our like-new compressors.

The Right Acura A/C Compressor Can Really Save the Day

Relax! You'll make your repair and get right back on the road. Start by punching in your part number on our website search tool, or browse our list of makes, models and years to locate the correct parts for your Acura or other vehicle. Order it today, and we'll send it out the very same day, as long as we hear from you by 2:00 PM. If we don't stock the exact compressor you want, we'll be glad to locate it for you if you'll contact us by email.
Your new or remanufactured Acura compressor will rejuvenate your air conditioning system, your ride, and your day. Stop looking at other parts websites, and start cooling off with

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Audi A/C Compressor

Audi A/C Compressor

If a failing Audi A/C compressor has you dreading summertime, let calm your concerns and get you ready to stay cool. There's no sense waiting until the heat index rises. Air conditioning breakdowns seem to happen at the worst possible moments. Don't let your vacation, corporate meeting or other cross-country trip go down the tubes! Take the time while you have the time to shop for, maintain and repair your Audi A/C system.
Cool your worries about finding the right Audi compressor. has a huge selection of A/C parts for everything from your Quattro to your Cabriolet. Choose from new or affordable remanufactured units, which have been thoroughly revamped and cleaned at our compressor-refinishing headquarters in northeastern Florida. We may run a virtual parts outlet, but our rigorous compressor work is all done on the ground floor.

Don't Wait to Buy Your Audi A/C Compressor

Why pay a ton to a distributor who buys rebuilt Audi compressors from us and marks them up to sell? We are the source, and we are the experts on auto A/C compressor rebuilding. We clean each unit with care in a powerful washer and shot blaster, then resurface and replace any components that are not up to our exacting standards. Only compressors that perfectly meet all of our testing demands make it to our online parts catalog for use in your Audi vehicle.
We are ready and waiting to outfit your car for those hot and hazy days of summer. Take advantage of off-season down time and do it now. We're, and we're the experts for all your Audi A/C repair needs.