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Mr. Freeze - The Auto Air Conditioning Good Guy!

Mr. Freeze - The Auto Air Conditioning Good Guy!

He may have been hellbent on destroying that pesky Batman … but when it gets to summer in the South, especially if you have to commute work and try to arrive looking fresh, you'd be glad to have him in your life! Mr. Freeze would have been infused with some sort of refrigerant -- just like your automotive air conditioning system is. However, your car was most likely not involved in a cryogenics acicident while trying to treat its sick wife! So what is the science of Mr Freeze -- how do refrigerants actually work in your AC system to cool you down?

A refrigerant gas is placed in a sealed system of pipes or tubes, and pressurized with a compressor. The compressor is one of the most common failure points of your AC parts system. The compressor needs to be able to create enough pressure to turn the refrigerant gas into a liquid.

The refrigerant is almost always mixed with a small amount of oil, which helps lubricate the system. There are very specialized oils used in auto air conditioning systems. As the refrigerant is pressurized, it becomes very hot, just as a bike tire does when you pump it up (increasing its pressure). The liquid passes through an expansion valve into a chamber where the pressure is much lower, allowing it to return to a gaseous state.

In returning to a gas, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the air around it. A fan then blows the cooled air into the car, and another fan generally blows air from the hot part of the pipes away from both the car interior and the engine (ideally).

There are quite a few possible failure points in this system. If the compressor doesn't work hard enough to completely condense the refrigerant into a liquid, the air won’t be as cold as it could be. If the expansion valve is leaky, you may get cold air further back in the system. Many auto air conditioning systems also incorporate elements like accumulators, driers, evaporators and condensers, which all have the potential to leave you sweaty and dizzy after the commute to work, if they aren't operating properly.

There is a long list of refrigerant substances used by DuPont, which assigns an R-number to each chemical. The list runs from R10 up to R1250 (with quite a few gaps), and also includes letter designations after some of the names. is currently the most commonly used chemical in automotive air conditioning systems.

Recharging Your Auto Air Conditioning

Recharging Your Auto Air Conditioning

It's one of those things that an alert handyman can usually save bit of dough on -- recharging the car's automotive air conditioning unit. It isn't as complicated as repairing the compressor, replacing an expansion valve or a condenser -- but if you have just done any of these tasks you'll need to recharge the system. If this is the first time you'll be doing the task, we have some tips and tricks to make it easier for you at
Do you really need to?
The first thing you need to do is be sure that your system needs recharging. The gas in your auto AC doesn't just run out of oomph. It either leaks out through a compromised part of the system, or has to be purged when a part is repaired or replaced. If you are sure that your refrigerant is the reason your auto air conditioner isn’t blowing cold any more, then fix any leaks before you recharge! Otherwise you'll be doing it all again before you know it.
Check for leaks
Use a manifold gauge set to check for leaks before you begin recharging.
Do you have the right refrigerant?
Do it all properly -- it can be temping to try the canister of R12 left over from your old Mercedes on your wife's little Toyota, but if the Toyota uses R134A refrigerant, the tips won’t fit, and the oil won’t be suitable. Don’t mix refrigerant, and don't use the wrong refrigerant. Guessing which is supposed to be in the auto AC could give you some nasty cold burns, too -- so take it to a mechanic and save yourself the medical bills!
Replacements for R12
The most important thing that you should know, though, is that it is illegal to recharge your own auto AC with R12. The gas is harmful to the ozone layer and has to be dealt with by a licensed professional. However, you can use products like Freeze 12, which are equivalent to R12 in their use of oil, but are not ozone depleting.
Keep checking pressure
Once the lowside pressure is at around 30 psi, the high side pressure can continue to increase to dangerous levels. Keep watching it to avoid damaging your auto compressor or other AC parts.
Get the entire kit with pressure gauge
Don’t just buy a refill canister -- it makes sense to buy the whole kit, rather than trying to piece the other parts together. You probably won’t have the right size tips floating about, and having a kit with a pressure gauge included is very handy for recharging your auto air conditioning.

The heat is on

The Heat is on

Summer is definitely here and so are the high temperatures. How hot is it?  Well, you could be in rush hour traffic and temps can exceed 125 degrees outside the car. That is of course before the 100 percent humidity. How can you beat the heat? What are your only resources if you air conditioner in your car goes out? Well, the dealerships are way overpriced; I guess they think the general population can bring them out of debt. How much can you afford to spend in this horrible economy that we live in now? Is the option of a new car not even a choice right now? Well, guess what: you are in the same boat as the rest of us.

The auto air conditioning that the manufacturer installs in our automobiles is very efficient and a blessing everyday we step into that nice 60-degree car after being outside.The only issue is that like our home the air conditioning in the cars are not going to work forever. So if you are like me, then you will understand that as soon as you do not need the air conditioner to go out, it will. Here is the worst part: some cars today that run on 1 belt for everything are dead without the air conditioner spinning. So how can we not get robbed by the dealership or the overpriced car repair shops?

Visit our site; you do not have to be a car expert to pick out what you need. Actually, if you have been to the repair shop and they say it will cost a certain amount, please check the parts costs they are charging you against ours. We will be lower guaranteed. What if you have one of those hard to find parts that no one in the world seems to car or one of the cars you bought overseas and have an air conditioner problem with? You have the option to send us your parts and we will refurbish your old parts and get you back on the road and cool again.

We cover almost every make and model car imaginable and we will also do some specialized equipment. When the summer heat is scorching our yards and making it unbearable to work outside, why risk the one thing we enjoy after a long day -- a cool relaxing ride? Come visit our site and we will not only save you money on a costly repair but also the aggravation of dealing with dealerships that want to pay their salaries on you.

Car AC Problem

Car AC Problem

Are you trying to solve a Car AC Problem in your vehicle but do not know where do begin? Maybe you know the problem, but you are not sure of the correct parts to purchase or how to replace the old parts yourself. Do you love working on your own vehicle but realize there are areas that you need experienced guidance or knowledge from individuals you can trust? Perhaps you have spend the past month or so riding around in your vehicle without the AC because you did not know where to turn for advice nor for the parts and guidance you need to repair your car air conditioning problems. Stop riding around with no air conditioning in the middle of the hottest summer months and start taking advantage of the online advice and assistance available to you through your home computer by going to

You can enjoy the fact that you have access to a company that will offer you the guidance you need for the knowledge to fix your air conditioning problem as well as the parts you need to replace the old ones. You will find great prices for new parts as well as refurbished parts that will cost you less but offer you the solution you need to solve your automobile’s air conditioning issues. No matter what model you drive you will more than likely find the parts you need since the on line solution offers parts and guidance to a wide variety of makes and models for cars. You can choose from parts for your BMW, Audi, Ford, Buick, Cadillac, Kia, Mercedes and more when you shop online. You can now rely on input and parts found online when you rely on the assistance of the Florida company that has spent years repairing air conditioning problems from small parts to whole units at

Affordable prices are convenient in today’s economy so stop spending your money on overpriced parts that may or may not solve you vehicle’s air conditioning problems and start relying on a company that not only sells you the parts you need but assists you in replacing the old parts with the new parts. Being able to repair your own vehicle’s air conditioning problems will save you an endless amount of money, time and headache when you know that you are repairing the car problem yourself with the guidance of people who care about you and not your money. Turn your miserable vehicle into a cool drive when you solve the air conditioning problems you have been trying to suffer through summer experiencing.

Auto A/C Compressors

Automotive A/C Compressors

Whether you manage a fleet of two or 200, DAACP has the automotive A/C compressors and parts you need, all in one place. Are you looking to fit a Lexus LX470, a Hummer H3 and a Lincoln Town Car? Do you need one new compressor and another one at a price break? Check with us first. Chances are that we have the new and/or rebuilt automotive A/C items for your import or domestic vehicles.
When you're preoccupied with mechanical repairs, keeping a fleet or garage full of temperature-controlled cars, vans or trucks can be a challenge. The first thing the driver will notice on a warm day, however, is whether or not the A/C is working. has the inventory and the network to access parts, and we faithfully serve:
  • Private for-hire drivers
  • Corporate fleet automotive maintenance shops
  • State or county fleet managers
  • Air porter and hotel car services
  • Rental car agencies in need of A/C compressors

We Share Our Knowledge of Automotive A/C Compressor Installation

Your reputation is riding on the automotive integrity of your fleet. Make sure your A/C compressors and systems are expertly repaired or installed with help from We're the only online auto A/C company that believes in passing along all the information we can on each specific application. We stay ahead of the competition by seeking out the latest updates and additions to existing compressor data on every make and model that we service.
You'll get the job done right the first time and keep your automotive A/C systems humming along for thousands of miles with the help of Browse our inventory or contact us to place a special request today.